Bags Under Your Eyes? Here's How to Banish Puffy, Dark Eye Circles for Good

Jun 15 , 2020

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Bags Under Your Eyes? Here's How to Banish Puffy, Dark Eye Circles for Good

If your under-eye area is making you look like you’re always tired, you’re probably no stranger to wondering why you have those pesky bags under your eyes, sunken dark circles, or persistent puffiness... and if there’s even anything that can be done about it? 

The first step is understanding the real causes lying behind your eye area troubles. Because making those bags under your eyes disappear might require something a little different than the obvious answer of just getting more sleep

Dark or puffy under-eye bags can actually be caused by a variety of factors; such as genetics, seasonal allergies, water retention, underlying medical conditions, hyperpigmentation and even the inevitable natural aging process. 

Here’s how to get started in banishing your tired-looking eyes, so you can look fresh, vibrant and well rested…

If puffy eye bags are your main concern, try putting down that salt shaker! Consuming too much sodium in your diet may be a large contributing factor, as excessive salt causes your body to retain fluid. Water retention can cause swelling in your body, showing visibly under your eyes where your skin is its most delicate. Skip that salty dinner to avoid morning puffiness.

Not only is getting enough beauty sleep crucial in eliminating dark eye circles, but the way you position yourself during your slumber is important too! Sleeping on your stomach or side can exacerbate eye bags, as the fluids in your body settle at the lowest point due to gravity. Try elevating your head with an extra pillow and sleeping on your back instead, to help fluids drain away from your eye area.

If you’ve got persistent puffiness or dark circles that won’t budge, schedule a physical with your doctor to rule out any underlying medical conditions that could be to blame, such as a thyroid imbalance or iron deficiency. If dark or puffy eyes run in your family, it might be caused by genetic fat deposits or excess skin around the eye area. Your doctor can discuss surgical options to remove stubborn fat pockets or excess skin.

As we age, skin loses its elasticity. The muscles and tissues supporting your eyelids lose their strength, showing dark circles and fine lines as the delicate skin and fat surrounding your eyelids droops. Boost your collagen intake in your diet to plump up your skin, and try using an eye cream at night containing Retinol, which topically boosts collagen production and stimulates cell turnover with its Vitamin A derivatives.

Banishing the bags under your eyes for good all starts with a healthy body and plenty of sleep, and then can be further eliminated by following up with these simple additional steps! We hope these ideas will help you on your way to looking bright, fresh and beautiful... So you can leave your under-eye baggage at the door!

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