The 4 Simple Rituals to Shake Off the Morning Fog

Jun 08 , 2020

Samadhi Marketing Collaborator

The 4 Simple Rituals to Shake Off the Morning Fog

Good morning! Or perhaps, not so much... If you're anything like me and have a complicated relationship with hauling yourself out of bed in the morning, you'll know that the morning struggle is real. 

Wise words from successful women and men the world over are championing the benefits of getting up early... But if your mornings are less about launching straight into a productive flow; and more about staggering around trying to shake off that sleepy fog for hours before you can finally catch your stride... You might be missing a few critical elements that are standing between you and achieving triumph over the morning blues. 

It's going to take a little discipline, but when you supercharge your initial moments of welcoming each new day with these 4 rituals, you'll see your mood lift, your morning aches and pains melt away, and your brain start firing on all cylinders faster than you can brew a pot of coffee!

If we're doing everything exactly right, we should really be getting about 8 hours of sleep a night to be functioning at our peak. So when you think about how much water you'd need to drink over the course of 8 hours during the daytime to stay hydrated, that's a lot of glasses of water we're missing out on while we're catching some zzz's and not drinking any water at all. 

Our brains need hydration to function optimally, so if you're feeling a bit hazy in the AM, dehydration might be the culprit. Compounded by the fact that many of us sleep with our mouth open, (guilty as charged!) you'll be breathing out a lot of moisture through condensation exhaled with each breath. 

First thing to do when you emerge from the land of nod is to start replenishing those lost fluids. Grab yourself a large glass of water to sip on as you get ready, and then once you've finished it, go ahead and pour yourself another. You'll be feeling refreshed, sparked up and vibrant in the short time it takes to drink up that life-sustaining H2O!

Ask any successful, highly functioning folks what their secret to a great start is, and almost all of them swear by waking up at the same time each morning. Setting your circadian rhythms with a regular bedtime and wake-up hour helps establish healthy sleep patterns, and guarantees that you'll be getting that important REM sleep where all your body's repairing and regenerative powers go to work. 

Knowing that you'll be getting up with the first chirping of the birds helps you set achievable sleep goals too. Everybody needs a different amount of sleep to feel fully functional, so if you're like me and you know you need at least 7 hours of shut-eye so you don't wake up feeling like a bridge troll, you can remind yourself that when it gets to 11pm, it's time to start winding down for bed so you can get all that important sleep you need.

The military are definitely onto something with the whole getting up and making your bed routine. While we're not going to be sending a drill sargeant into your bedroom to check that all the corners of your sheets are tucked with precision, you can apply a bit of military mental fortitude into your morning by getting your environment clean and organized.

Starting out your day with a clean slate and a tidy, decluttered environment allows your mind to compute more effectively and your thoughts to flow freely, without any messy visual distractions throwing your creativity and productivity off. It only takes a few minutes to straighten up your bedroom and clean your breakfast dishes, and these simple acts will not only instill a feeling of alertness and order, but pride in your organized environment. That's one helluva way to put your best foot forward... No marching required!

Taking a few moments in the morning to meditate and turn your focus inward has a multitude of health benefits, and you can even amplify your mindfulness practice by adding in some powerful breathing techniques. 

Saturating your body with some deep inhales of energy-giving oxygen will wake you up, push fresh blood into your limbs to shake off morning stiffness, and stimulate your brain with a fresh burst of oxygenated blood. Clarity, mental focus, a positive attitude and sharp reflexes are only a few deep breaths away! 

I love doing some Wim Hof Method breathing every morning before breakfast to start my day out right and set the tone for the day ahead. Try it out and you'll see massive shifts in your health, mental strength and feeling of peace with whatever your day throws at you. 

See you bright and sparky tomorrow! I hope these 4 rituals will help you get one step closer to being a "Morning Person", and see you springing out of bed feeling amazing in the mornings... Ready for anything your busy day has in store!

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Wishing you the best morning ever,

Fefe | MelaGummy Morning Person